YOU Magazine - November 2006 - Cultivate Your Full Potential Les Brown's Key to a Successful Life
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Cultivate Your Full Potential
Les Brown's Key to a Successful Life

Cultivate Your Full Potential - Les Brown's Key to a Successful Life

"You don't get in life what you want," says best-selling author Les Brown, "You get in life what you are." However, because we live in a world in which we're told more often of our limitations than of our gifts, most people, Les believes, will go to their grave having never discovered their full potential.

With this in mind, YOU Magazine is pleased to present the inspired teachings of Les Brown, world-renowned speaker and motivator for over 30 years, on the important topic of human potential.

A winner of Toastmasters' esteemed Golden Gavel award, Les Brown has inspired audiences as large as 90,000 at one time. He has also written numerous highly-acclaimed books and established himself as a well-known radio and television personality, a community activist, a politician, and an entrepreneur.

Born on the floor of an abandoned building in a poverty-stricken section of Liberty City, Florida, Les was later misdiagnosed as "mentally retarded". This powerful and painful label stunted his ambition and self-esteem throughout his formative years.

For a lot of people, this turbulent beginning would've marked the end of any hope for a bright future. For Les Brown, however, his tumultuous coming-of-age serves as a personal touchstone of inner strength and an endless source of spiritual renewal. His story of utter determination to succeed in the face of fear and failure is a touching and fascinating ode to the human spirit.

This video represents just a snippet of the powerful message at the heart of Les Brown's lifework. Visit to learn about Les Brown.

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