YOU Magazine - July 2015 - Your Mid-year 'Vision Checkup' By Jason Womack, MEd, MA
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Your Mid-year 'Vision Checkup'
By Jason Womack, MEd, MA

Your Mid-year 'Vision Checkup' - By Jason Womack, MEd, MA

With half of 2015 now behind us, it's a great time to set a course for the remainder of the year, and check in with your visions and goals. When you create a goal, it is important to periodize, which means breaking the big, long-term vision into smaller, more manageable steps.

Goals and Seasons
As you set your weekly, monthly and quarterly plans, remember to periodize areas and times of focus to match external seasons (such as holidays, family time and vacation), as well as internal seasons (recognizing if spring and summer feel busier than fall and winter). Build your activity and goal plans accordingly.

To Qualify or Quantify
Do you know someone who claims to hate goal setting? Most people with this skeptical attitude have tried goal setting in the past and felt let down from the experience. (We've all made a New Year's resolution that was broken by February, and forgotten by July!) The key is to keep fine-tuning the goal setting process and not repeat the same unsuccessful habits.

In Marshall Goldsmith's book, "What Got You Here, Won't Get You There," he addresses goal setting by adding seemingly simple behaviors to your routine—appreciation, apologizing, listening and following up. He also suggests having a "To Stop" list instead of a "To Do" list. So by thinking a little differently, you'll start planning differently, and by planning differently, you'll start achieving new results.

Before you think about and write any goals for yourself, your family or your team, it's important to include several different types of goals. Your qualified goals include the kinds of feelings you are hoping to experience over the next year, the way you'd like to be thinking about life, and the areas of your life to enhance, improve or change. Your quantified goals include the answers to questions such as "How much?", "How many times?", and "By when?".

Checking Your Vision
  1. On a piece of paper, draw a line down the middle of the page, making two columns. Label one column, "Qualified" and the other column, "Quantified."

  2. Write down at least five goals for each column, and leave some space under each goal to fill in more information later.

  3. Identify quarterly milestones for each goal. Ask yourself where you'll be in three months if your yearly goals are on target. Fill in these milestones underneath each goal.

  4. Write these milestones on your calendar as reminders to keep you on course throughout the year. These reminders will keep your momentum and enthusiasm going.

  5. Post your annual goals in a place you can review them every day. This might be on a note card in your wallet, or as a screensaver on your computer. Some people even use a dry erase pen to write these goals on their bathroom mirror at home. This step is to keep your personal involvement alive and engaged.

  6. Once a week, debrief your progress. In 12 weeks, evaluate if you're meeting your milestone markers.
Jason W. Womack, MEd, MA, helps you work efficiently so you have the time, energy and focus to achieve more in work and in life. He is the CEO and Founder of The Jason Womack Company, and has traveled around the world, working with successful people for more than 16 years. In 2013 he founded Get Momentum, a community focused on coaching you to: Work Smarter, Think Bigger, and Make More.

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