YOU Magazine - January 2016 - 7 Urban Legends of Fitness
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7 Urban Legends of Fitness

7 Urban Legends of Fitness

Just because we live in the information age, doesn't mean the information we get is accurate. This is especially true about diet and fitness. If one of your New Year's resolutions is to begin exercising, or if you want to freshen up your current exercise routine, remember to keep these fitness myths in mind:

Myth 1: Crunches give you flat abs. Crunches aren't the fastest route to a trim midsection. While crunches can help tone a small part of abdominal muscles, you'll accomplish more for your core with planks and bridges. Try one of these 24 fat-burning ab exercises to help.

Myth 2: The more you sweat, the more calories you burn. Sweat is a biological response that helps your body cool, whether you sweat it out in hot weather or a heavy workout. Quickly replenish the water you've lost.

Myth 3: Running is bad for your knees. Older runners' knees are neither more nor less healthy than non-runners, according to a Boston University study. But running is not without risk, especially for women, who are 4-6 times more likely to sustain knee injuries due to musculature differences; and anyone who is 20 pounds or more overweight. Best advice: keep your pace to an 8- to 10-minute mile pace to give your legs plenty of warm up, and stretch afterwards.

Myth 4: Stretching speeds recovery. There is no significant difference in muscle soreness or tissue repair in those who stretch after a workout and those who don't. Blood lactate levels (a measure of muscle fatigue) are the same in both groups. However, limbering up after a workout can be one of the most beneficial ways to increase joint flexibility.

Myth 5: The more you work out, the better. Working out every day can increase likelihood of injury due to fatigue and poor form or prevent muscles from recovering. Beginners should rest every other day. The advanced should rest at least once per week.

Myth 6: Sleep has no impact on exercise. Sleeping less than seven hours per night can initiate extra production of the hormone ghrelin which triggers hunger in your body's attempt to make up for energy loss. Eight to ten hours of sleep is ideal for muscle health and recovery.

Myth 7: Lifting weights bulks women up. Even if you lift heavy weights, getting bulky is unlikely without special diets, supplements or drugs.

Be safe, enjoy your exercise regimen, and always remember to check with your doctor before beginning any diet or exercise program. Most of all, have fun!


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