YOU Magazine - December 2016 - Expiration Exploration
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Expiration Exploration

Expiration Exploration

You probably check the date on stored canned goods before you use them, but have you checked your bike helmet lately? You may not realize many consumer items have expiration dates. Here are a few items you may wish to consider replacing:

Car seats are a must for young children. But if you get a hand-me-down make sure to check that it hasn't been in an accident, and it's not past the expiration date which is typically printed on the underside. Longevity varies, but can range from six to 10 years depending on the type.

Bike helmets contain foam that breaks down over time, especially if stored in the garage rather than inside. Most manufacturers recommend replacing them every three to five years, or if they've been in an accident.

Laundry bleach ingredients will eventually turn into plain salt water. Replace bleach every 12 months or sooner if you notice it losing its effectiveness.

Sunscreen may come with an expiration date. But if it doesn't, you should use it within three years at the most. When you get a new tube, write the purchase date in permanent ink and create your own use-by date.

Alcohol wipes are stored in foil-lined wrappers, but they are still permeable, diffusing the liquid inside. Keep wipes stored in a cool dry place to reduce drying action.

Thermal receipts for items with extended warranties (car batteries, audio equipment, appliances, etc.) should be photocopied to regular paper or scanned and stored digitally. These receipts may not last as long as the warranty because they are temperature sensitive and can fade, making it difficult to prove your purchase.

Toothpaste may seem like a great item to buy in bulk from your big-box store, however, it should be used within two years. Double check packaging for a listed expiration date.

Smoke and CO detectors should be replaced every 10 years. If you already have a house full of old smoke detectors, it's an inexpensive upgrade that can save your life.

Fire extinguishers last between five to 15 years, however, the gauge should be checked monthly and the unit serviced annually. When in doubt, replace it.

Power strips and surge protectors can fail causing either equipment loss or fire, and should be replaced according to the manufacturer, or if you're not sure how old they are.

Sources: Reader's Digest, Business Insider

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