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Saving Face
New Treatments May Reduce the Signs of Aging

Saving Face - New Treatments May Reduce the Signs of Aging

Its been said that the eyes are the window to ones soul. Faces, on the other hand, reveal details about one's age and lifestyle. Over the years, people have tried numerous techniques to reduce the signs of aging. From special diet additives and creams to more drastic measures, including face-lifts, were always in search of new ways to turn back time.

One thing we know for sure is that nothing ages the skin on your face quite like sun damage. The daily wearing of sunscreen (designed for the face) can prevent further damage, but what about the wear and tear that already exists? To answer that question, YOU Magazine sent Maureen LaVette to the Bela Vita Rejuvenation Center to find out more about some of the latest "face-saving" techniques.

At the top of the list is a procedure known as "Microdermabrasion". Utilizing a hand-held device which produces a blast of aluminum-oxide crystals followed by intense suction, an aesthetician can methodically remove multiple layers of sun-damaged skin. Microdermabrasion usually requires several treatments and is recommended in conjunction with another technique known as a "Glycolic Peel". Derived from fruits, glycolic acid is brushed on the face, exfoliating the dead skin and unclogging pores.

While microdermabrasion and glycolic peels are used to rejuvenate the skin, a process known as the "MediLift" is used to strengthen facial muscles. During this procedure, electrodes are attached to key areas of the face, sending out electrical wave patterns which closely imitate the body's muscle messages. In essence, it's a workout for your face. Sessions can last between 20 and 90 minutes, and this procedure is most effective when it's performed two times a week.

The last type of treatment Maureen explored is the application of facial anti-oxidants in the form of fat-soluble, vitamin C esters. Designed to combat pollutants, as well as naturally boost collagen production, highly absorbable vitamin C cream is massaged onto the face and allowed to penetrate the layers of skin.

These aforementioned treatments will not only keep you looking young, they will keep you feeling young as well. They are all non-surgical and, in comparison to a face-lift, fairly affordable.

Whether you choose to explore these procedures further or to stick with your current regimen, be sure to always use appropriate sunscreen. It's a proven face-saver that always makes sense.

This video was written and produced by Paul M. J. Suchecki and is available on the DVD Reverse Aging Now

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