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Frequent Flyer Foibles

Frequent Flyer Foibles

When it comes to air travel, it's important to be courteous to your traveling neighbors who may be just inches away. Follow these simple suggestions for remaining in the good graces of fellow passengers and crew.

Don't go overboard overhead. Space in the overhead bins comes at a premium on busy flights, so compacting your carry-on items is a courtesy. Stack your items, fold your coat, place smaller items under the seat in front of you, and slide luggage into the bin wheels first instead of horizontally.

Be kind on the recline. The reclining position affects the person behind you, so be considerate. Put your seat upright during beverage service or mealtimes. As a courtesy, consider letting the passenger behind you know you are about to recline, so they can adjust.

Meet in the middle. Aisle and window seats offer slightly more stretching room, and both come with their own armrests. Middle seat holders aren't so lucky. Be a gracious neighbor and let middle seat passengers have an armrest.

Consider the conversation. Some people enjoy a nice chat, and others prefer to keep to themselves. If you try to strike up a conversation, watch for signs of disinterest, like opening a magazine, looking off in a different direction or lack of responsiveness.

Eliminate odors. Most people know body odor makes an unpleasant travel companion. But keep in mind that cologne, perfume, lotions and essential oils can make a flight uncomfortable for others with allergies or sensitive noses.

Contain kid chaos. If you're a parent, make sure your kids aren't a source of annoyance. Loud talking, kicking seat backs and slamming tray tables are a few typical culprits.

These tips will keep you from being an annoyance to your fellow passengers!

Sources: CNN, Business Insider

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