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Unleash the Power Within
By Tony Robbins

How much easier is it to accomplish a goal once you've taken those first steps and created some momentum? Just think about the little things like the last time you tackled a project around the house or sorted through paperwork you'd been putting aside. Or maybe it was something bigger, like committing to run a marathon. Once you reached that crucial milestone in your training, it didn't seem nearly as impossible as it once had, right?
   Unleash the Power Within - By Tony Robbins
Homeowner's Insurance:
How to Get the Most for Your Money

Multiple hurricanes along the East and Gulf coasts over the past few years have left more than debris in their wake. One ripple effect that's slamming coastal residents is double-digit increases in their once-stable homeowner's insurance rates. From Florida to Massachusetts, many coastal homeowners have seen their insurance rates climb by 20% or more.
   Homeowner's Insurance:  - How to Get the Most for Your Money
The Secret to Getting Fitter, Firmer, Faster
Everyone would like to be in good shape. Let's face it, who doesn't want to look good and be fit? The only problem is the path to a picture-perfect body is typically paved with deprivation dieting and endless exercising. As a result, most people throw in the towel, sit back on the couch with some chips, and kiss their bathing suit days goodbye. Luckily, there's a hot new weight loss approach that promises maximum results with minimal effort and no deprivation.
   The Secret to Getting Fitter, Firmer, Faster
The Truth About HELOCs
Home Equity Lines of Credit or HELOCS are a hot topic of debate these days. Praised as an extremely valuable financial tool by some experts, HELOCs worry other pundits who fear that uninformed consumers will end up putting themselves in even greater debt. At YOU Magazine, however, we have no interest in furthering this debate. Instead, this article is designed simply to explain what HELOCS are and how they work, including their advantages and disadvantages.
   The Truth About HELOCs
Today's Cell Phones
Going Beyond the Everyday Phone Call

It wasn't long ago when cell phones were the same size as old rotary phones. Big and bulky, their features included both a large antenna and a coiled telephone cord that connected the handset to a clunky base. But times have changed. Today's cell phones are a fraction of their old size, and they now support a variety of other functions, ranging from the practical to the purely fun.
   Today's Cell Phones - Going Beyond the Everyday Phone Call
Cinco de Mayo
A Celebration Without Borders
By Kirk Leins

As we begin the month of May, it's a perfect time to explore a celebration that is rich in culture yet transcends nationality. May 5th, also known as Cinco de Mayo, is a day celebrated by Mexicans, Americans, and Mexican-Americans alike. Much of the celebration revolves around food, and I've got that part covered. The bigger question is why are we all celebrating in the first place?
   Cinco de Mayo - A Celebration Without Borders - By Kirk Leins
Maximizing Your Vacation
Summer vacation is right around the corner. Our aim this month is to show you three vacation options, each with the flexibility to fit into different budgets and lifestyles. Ready for a well-deserved break? Then YOU Magazine is ready to help you maximize your vacation! For those on a budget or with less time on their hands, full or half-day trips make for great getaways.
   Maximizing Your Vacation

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