YOU Magazine - April 2021 - Is Your Fridge Smarter Than You?
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Is Your Fridge Smarter Than You?

Is Your Fridge Smarter Than You?

Technology seems to be inundating our lives, from our smartphones to our homes. If you're looking to make upgrades in your home and install more smart devices, you're eventually going to want to upgrade your appliances to "smart" ones.

One recent addition to the smart home market is the smart refrigerator. This appliance connects to your Wi-Fi and an app on your smartphone to provide information and data about your fridge. It also gives you the ability to send and receive information to a large screen located on your fridge's exterior.

You might wonder what you can do with all of this technology. You can place digital notes on the fridge, such as reminders to family members, and access other types of media, including reading recipes, watching television, and listening to music. You might also receive an alert notifying you that the door is open or that you're running out of ice. It can also inform you as to the fridge's contents without having to open the door.

Top appliance brands, such as GE, LG, and Samsung, have already begun producing these smart appliances, which also usually connect with other smart features, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. These major appliance companies offer the following with their smart fridges:

  • GE: Although GE doesn't offer smart fridges with touch screens or built-in cameras, it does offer an app that lets you know if the door is open, the ice maker is empty, or the water filter needs replacing. You can also start and schedule the water heater to turn on. It works with Alexa, Google Assistant, and If Then This That.
  • LG: This company is developing a smart fridge that allows you to order groceries and play music. It already has one that alerts you if the door is open and lets you adjust the temperature via your smartphone. You can turn on the ice maker and air filter by using Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • Samsung: Its Family Hub refrigerator has a large touch-screen display that allows you to look up recipes, write notes, and send them to family members' phones; stream music; create shopping lists; and look at the contents via interior cameras. You can use the SmartThings app to change the interior temperature and receive alerts if the door remains open.

Sometimes the best way to get a feel for certain appliances is to see them for yourself. Many home improvement stores carry the latest in smart fridges, and the staff can help answer questions you might have as to how a smart fridge can make your life a little easier.


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