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Improving Your Relationships:
A New Way of Thinking

Improving Your Relationships:A New Way of Thinking

Tim Sanders has an unusual perspective when it comes to values, both in business and in personal relationships. Through his work with companies such as Yahoo!®, he has identified strategies that lead to greater happiness and success for everyone, regardless of their position.

Before we explore those principles, let's take a closer look at how Tim Sanders came to develop his unique approach. Tim entered the world of business during the fledgling days of the cellular phone industry. In the early 90s, he switched gears, moving on to produce content for cable television.

In the mid-90s, Tim was hired by where he developed audio and video broadcasts for clients such as The Limited, Ford Motor Company, Dell™, and Intel. After Yahoo!® acquired the company, he went to work for the Internet juggernaut and developed ValueLab, an in-house committee delivering incentives to existing and prospective customers. Tim eventually served as Yahoo's Chief Solutions Officer and Leadership Coach, overseeing a variety of marketing programs.

As an author, Sanders advocates good values within the world of business. His first book, Love is the Killer App, addressed the correlation between generosity and success. It was both a New York Times and an international bestseller. His second book, The Likeability Factor, explains his methods for achieving success by increasing our appeal to others. It has served as the basis of TV specials on both PBS and ABC's 20/20.

By viewing the attached video, you will hear Tim's thoughts on how to improve the various relationships in our lives. His unique method calls for the abandoning of "scarcity thinking", opting instead for concepts such as abundance and generosity toward others. We hope that you will find Tim's words as heartfelt and transformational as we do.

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