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Discover the New Trends in Home Flooring

Discover the New Trends in Home Flooring

If you're moving into a new house or just want to change the look of your current living space, a good place to begin is with your floors. The reason is simple. There are many new flooring options available, enabling homeowners to pick and choose the right surface to best suit their needs and desires. YOU Magazine recently spoke with Richard Cohen, President of Custom Flooring, Inc., to learn about the latest in flooring trends.

Located in West Palm Beach, Florida, Custom Flooring, Inc. not only specializes in meeting the demands of individual homeowners but also provides flooring for many of the nation's largest homebuilders. All it takes is a walk through the CFI showroom to see why many people choose to either change or upgrade the flooring in their homes. Whether you're looking for the warmth of wood, the sleekness of tile, or the feel of thick plush carpet under your feet, the only limitation is your own curiosity.

According to Cohen, "People are breaking away from having carpet throughout their entire home." He further added that for many homeowners in the Sunbelt and Coastal States, large-sized tile has become quite the trend. Twelve-inch tiles were once commonplace, but many of today's homeowners are choosing to go much bigger. Tiles eighteen inches and larger are quickly becoming popular as they drastically minimize grout lines.

If you're wondering why tiles carry grout lines at all, it's because most are not perfectly square. To account for the differences in shape, a grout line from 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch is needed. It used to be that individuals who were turned off by grout lines of any size had no alternative but to turn to stone or marble. Cohen says that's changed as rectified porcelain tile has become more financially friendly than its stone counterparts.

In terms of color, the choices abound but darker colors seem to be more popular these days. For those who are seeking the hottest trend in stone flooring and don't mind paying for it, Cohen says, "Slate is the way to go!"

While costs will vary nationally according to labor prices, Cohen suggests that ceramic tile is approximately $4-5 per square foot and porcelain tile runs approximately $8 per square foot. In some instances though, a nice porcelain tile can be had for just $6 per square foot. For homeowners who want stone or marble floors, costs run approximately $10 per square foot. All of the prices quoted include installation.

Wood & Wood Laminates
Wood floors offer warmth and are always inviting. As with tile, popular colors are currently leaning more towards the darker hues, such as cherry and walnut. Costs for wood flooring can run anywhere from $8-12 per square foot but could be higher if you choose an exotic variety.

If you're looking for the hardest wood floor available, look no further than an acrylic impregnated wood. While it comes at a higher cost, you'll obtain a commercial-grade product that will wear for years to come. Bamboo, although not actually wood, is also a hard floor and offers more resistance to scratches than pine or other softer woods.

Inevitably, all wood floors can scratch and wear over time. As a result, it's important to select wood flooring that may be resurfaced a minimum of two times. This will be contingent upon thickness of the floor's wear layer. "The last thing you want is to resurface your floor only to find out that you have nothing left to work with," says Cohen. But he adds that natural scratching and wearing isn't necessarily bad because this enhances the natural beauty of wood.

There have been a couple of exciting developments in wood laminates. For starters, the overall quality continues to improve. The resemblance to real wood is incredible. The second development benefits those who are seeking wood laminate flooring with steps. Wilsonart has developed a bull nose step (in one piece) which eliminates the overhang we have come to expect from standard laminates.

For those who prefer carpeting, the new styles are quite impressive. One of the hottest trends is textured patterns, either monochromatic or multi-colored. Cohen also claims the one-time rule of running the same carpet throughout every room in your home is no longer the standard. "Many people choose to run one carpet style through the common living areas but opt for something different in the bedrooms", says Cohen.

When budgeting for carpet, you should expect to spend roughly $13 a yard (installed) for very basic carpet which is builder grade. Mid-range carpeting, runs $17-25 a yard. Premium carpets start at $30 per yard.

Regardless of your flooring selection, Cohen says you need to align yourself with a professional. It's very easy to look in the paper and see who is offering the lowest price, but there is much more involved than getting a great quote.

Cohen offers all his clients expert advice regarding how to select the proper flooring for one's lifestyle and design needs throughout the home. He states, "By obtaining the guidance of a professional, you'll ensure that the new flooring brings your home to life."
Cohen also guarantees professional installation and future assistance with manufacturers, if needed.

If you would like more information on flooring, you can contact Richard Cohen at Custom Flooring, Inc., or contact your mortgage professional for a referral to a flooring expert in your area.

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