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A Tribute to Moms
Homegrown Ideas for Creating a Special Mother’s Day

A Tribute to Moms - Homegrown Ideas for Creating a Special Mother’s Day

When the editorial staff at YOU Magazine sat down to talk about this year's Mother's Day article, something very special started to happen. Each of us began sharing some of the heartfelt things we had done in order to honor our mothers on their special day.

This got us thinking – why not share with you some of the moments each of us has created for our moms? What you are about to read is probably the most personal article we've ever put forth. The following are excerpts written by members of our staff. Each is unique, meant to inspire your own creativity and personal touch.

Omar O.
My sibling, cousins and I sometimes do a play about our mothers and their lives, so they can see how amazingly beautiful they are, and how we see them. Or, we sing songs for them and do a dance or a video, or recite a personal poem. This inspires a lot of heartfelt tears.

Rebecca W.
I like to get my mom something we can do together, like spa treatments or an afternoon tea with all of the moms in my extended family – my aunt, cousins, grandma, etc. The moms love it when we spend time with them as a group. Also, something simple like enlarging and framing a picture of myself and my mom is always a big hit.

Kirk L.
I design a special meal built around my mom's favorite foods. I buy all the ingredients and prepare the meal from start to finish. I beg her to relax, but most of the time she watches over me while I do my thing. Come to think of it, watching me do something I'm good at is the only present she really wants.

Laura S.
I am a mom to five girls. Every year for Mother's Day, my husband goes out and buys flats of perennials (impatiens, begonias, etc.) – about 15 flats in total. Then the girls spend the day planting all of them with me. I love it! They do not share my love for gardening, but they do it every year because they know how happy it makes me. We have done this together for probably 10-12 years.

Jaime N.
My mom and her sister are very close, and so are their kids. Last Mother's Day, we planned a trip to the beach where we rented a house for the weekend. This was so Mom could spend time with her family, but it also gave her a little getaway from everyday life.

Erik J.
A couple of years ago, I had the kids help me make a giant Mother's Day card out of 2'x4' poster board. Because my wife loves palm trees, we decorated the card with a palm tree that I had the kids color. We then placed the card next to the palm tree we bought as her Mother's Day present.

Steve S.
My wife really liked it when the kids and I made a special box using a shoebox and decorated it, leaving a hole in the middle. Each child and I get five note cards, and on each of them, we expressed one thing we love about her, or why she is special. The kids enjoyed telling their mom how much they love her and she enjoyed reading the notes.

Rachel M.
One of the special things that we did with my mom was take her to an English teahouse. She loves everything English. My sister and I had a wonderful afternoon doing something that she loved and making her smile. We also got professional pictures taken together and framed them for her mantle. Since all the pictures she had of us together were from our childhood, it was a nice new addition.

Claire L.
I was born on Mother's Day, 30+ years ago. Every year since, whenever I have given my mom a present or card, she always says, "Honey, you didn't need to get me anything. Having you was, and is, my greatest Mother's Day gift." Awww.

So there you have it, our personal stories about creating a special day for our moms. This year, when you do the same for your mom, it's important to remember that she could probably care less about the money you spend.

We suggest that you gather your family for Mother's Day. Fill your day with activities and events that she enjoys. Show her exactly how much you love her. And after you show her, be sure to tell her as well.

Happy Mother's Day!

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