YOU Magazine - July 2008 - Make It a Great Day A Message from Jeffrey Gitomer
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Make It a Great Day
A Message from Jeffrey Gitomer

Make It a Great Day - A Message from Jeffrey Gitomer

According to Jeffrey Gitomer, "You wake up in the morning and decide at that moment what kind of day you're going to have." The tone you set not only affects your home life, but your professional life as well. Therefore, your goal every morning should be to make yourself the happiest person on the planet.

Who is Jeffrey Gitomer?
To put it simply, Jeffrey Gitomer is a leading authority on what it takes to make a sale. He has authored no less than ten books on the subject of sales, four of which have been New York Times Best Sellers. All of his books have been number one best sellers on

Gitomer is also a highly sought after public speaker, giving over 100 presentations every year. From seminars to keynote speeches, Gitomer has shared his thoughts with executives and employees from some of the biggest companies in the United States today.

What makes Gitomer different from other sales gurus? Not only is he honest and insightful, but also funny, off-the-wall and sometimes in-your-face.

We invite you to watch Jeffrey's message about the importance of setting the proper tone to your day. It's a simple yet profound idea that will have a positive effect on both your workplace and your home.


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