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Halloween Costumes
Taking the Scare Out of a Last-Minute Decision

Halloween Costumes - Taking the Scare Out of a Last-Minute Decision

When it comes to Halloween, there are two types of people – those who plan their costume several months in advance and those who begin planning on October 30th. If you can relate to the latter, keep reading as we share some of our favorite last-minute Halloween costumes.

Even if you don't plan on dressing up for Halloween, this article may still be of benefit to you. October 31st falls on a Friday this year, which means that many people will be throwing parties. Get invited to a Halloween soiree and see what happens when you show up costume-less. You'll wish you dressed up like a sore thumb because that's what you'll feel like.

In an effort to keep things simple, we've compiled a list of our favorite costumes (in no particular order) made from materials that could be lying around your house. While each costume may not be for everyone, they all can be assembled in a short amount of time. Even if you don't use one of our suggestions, they may inspire an idea of your own.

1. Sherlock Holmes
All you need for this costume is a trench coat, a magnifying glass, a pipe and two baseball caps. Everything is fairly self-explanatory. As for the baseball hats, wear one hat facing forward and place the second hat on top facing backward.

2. An Athlete
Everyone has old sports uniforms and athletic equipment lying around. Don't worry if the clothes are a little small. You can tell everyone that you're either a retired or out-of-shape athlete.

3. Society's Gift to Women/Men
It's easy and very funny. Wrap a large bow around your body. Affix a large gift tag underneath that reads "From: Society - To: Women (or Men)".

4. MySpace Page or Facebook Wall
If you've got a large piece of poster board, you've got the makings of this costume. Using colored markers and actual pictures, decorate it like your MySpace page or Facebook Wall.

5. Hugh Hefner
Pajamas, a silk robe, a pair of slippers and pipe are all you need for the most comfortable Halloween costume you'll ever wear. The best part is when the night is over you can just climb into bed.

6. iPod Commercial
Dress in black and paint your face black. Bring your iPod along and dance like a maniac.

7. Paparazzo
Items for this costume would include a 35 mm camera, a vest and sunglasses. Don't forget to paint a few bruises on your face, using regular make up.

8. Substitute Teacher
Dress conservatively, but cover your clothes in chalk handprints. A paper airplane affixed to your hair and a few funny Post-its® stuck to your back should complete the look.

9. Runaway Bride
The perfect costume for any woman who thought she'd never wear her wedding dress again. The only addition would be a pair of running shoes.

10. Reality TV Star
With all of the reality shows on TV, there are plenty of people to choose from. For any couples, Dancing with the Stars would be fairly easy to replicate. Search through your closets for "dance attire" and see what you come up with.

11. American Tourist
You know the look, baggy shorts, Hawaiian shirt, hat and a camera. Throw in a fake sunburn along with a few maps hanging from your pockets and you got it.

12. Skunk
All black sweats with a white stripe down the back. Pin a tail to your rear and voila!

13. Basket of Dirty Laundry
Cut a hole into the bottom of a plastic laundry basket. Slip it over your head and slide it down so it rests on your hips. Fill the basket with dirty laundry and you're set.

14. Magician
This is an easy costume for any man who owns a black tuxedo. The options for accompanying props are almost limitless. From a top hat and wand to a fake mustache, your choice depends on what you have on hand, or what you're willing to buy. Convincing a spouse or female friend to dress as your "lovely assistant" is also a nice touch.

15. Your Spouse/Significant Other
Just look through your closets. This shouldn't be a tough one to figure out.

We admit that these may not be the craziest, funniest, scariest, or most creative costumes you've ever seen, but guess what. They're costumes! So, if you find yourself trying to pull together a last minute costume, don't be scared. Just look around the house.

Happy Halloween!

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