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Inexpensive Holiday Gifts
Our Favorites for Under $25

Inexpensive Holiday Gifts - Our Favorites for Under $25

The holiday season is notorious for being a strain on our pocketbooks. Considering the current economic climate, it may be even more apparent this year than in the recent past. Since we can't delay the holidays until things get better, we thought it would be a good idea to let you in on our favorite holiday gift ideas for under $25.

Gift Cards
Anyone who says a gift card is impersonal has never received one. It doesn't get any more personal than allowing someone the opportunity to pick out the gift they really want.

There are two routes you could take here. The easiest is to purchase a gift card to a particular store, either online or at one of the store's locations. The problems with these cards are that they pigeonhole the recipient in terms of where they can shop. They can also be somewhat risky. Due to the economy, various companies around the country are closing. Many times when this happens any unused gift cards will become null and void.

The second route you can take is to purchase either a Visa or American Express® gift card. The beauty of these cards is that they can be used almost anywhere. However, Visa gift cards can only be purchased at select locations. American Express gift cards, on the other hand, are typically purchased online. Be sure to check the appropriate website for the easiest way to purchase the card you desire.

Godiva Chocolate
For any diehard chocolate lovers, Godiva offers several gift selections for under $25. It's not only a delicious product, but receiving chocolate in a little gold box is about as iconic as receiving jewelry in a little blue box. Visit to see the various selections.

Bottle of Wine, or Olive Oil
There is absolutely nothing wrong with giving a bottle of wine as a gift. And for $25, you can buy a very nice bottle. True wine lovers will never turn up their nose at this present.

For those people who do not drink wine, a great bottle of olive oil is the perfect alternative. The best part is that you don't even have to be a good cook to enjoy good olive oil, as it can be used exclusively as a dip for bread. One of our favorite online purveyors is – a company that imports only the finest olive oil Italy has to offer.

Christmas Tree Ornament
This gift is obviously contingent on the recipient celebrating Christmas. Nonetheless, it is a thoughtful present that can be kept forever. Depending on the ornament, some can be personalized with engraved messages, as well as the year they were purchased.

Lottery Tickets
There's no doubt that buying $25 worth of scratchers as a holiday gift falls under the category of taking the easy way out. If several of them hit, however, then no one is going to care one bit. Besides, the idea of scratching off 25 lottery tickets does sound like fun. Tuck them inside a thoughtfully–written card and you're all set.

French Press Coffee Pot
A coffee lover cannot have too many French Press pots. They can either be kept in separate locations, or they can live in the same place and be used simultaneously for larger crowds. A great place to start your search for a French Press is at

A Journal and a Pen
One does not have to be a writer in order to find countless uses for a journal and a pen.

A Board Game
From single folks to families, board games provide the perfect entertainment at a gathering with friends, or even a quiet weekend night at home.

Movie Tickets for Two
It sounds like just an okay gift, up until the point you actually want to go to the movies. Free tickets are then like gold. Maybe the money saved by not paying for tickets will allow the recipient to also go to lunch on the day they use them.

Homemade Gift Basket
Putting together a gift basket for someone allows you to tailor the gift precisely to the interests of the person who's receiving it. Gift basket themes are limitless and can fit into any budget.

Car Duster
This is the perfect gift for anyone who takes pride in the appearance of his or her vehicle, as well as for those who are less diligent about regular washings. Car dusters are small enough to be stored anywhere and cost well below our $25 limit. Visit to order one online.

There's nothing quite like a scarf for battling those especially cold winters. Besides, they pump up the "cool" factor of any outfit.

Bath and Body Gifts
Everyone can use a little bit of pampering from time to time. With the variety of scented lotions and shower gels available today, you're sure to find something within your budget.

While this concludes our list of inexpensive holiday gifts, by no means does the selection end here. Times may be tough, but that doesn't mean we need to completely forgo the tradition of holiday gift buying. We just have to be a bit more creative.

Good luck and happy holidays.

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