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Spray 'de Sole
The Faster, Healthier Tan

Spray 'de Sole - The Faster, Healthier Tan

The perfect tan makes us feel vibrant, and appear both healthy and rested. But, there's a problem. Tanning the old-fashioned way not only depends on a favorable forecast and a lot of free time, it also poses a risk to our health. Read on, as we show you a faster and healthier way to tan, without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

The birth of Spray 'de Sole
It was in November of 2006 when Svetlana Feller decided something was missing. As a stay-at-home mother of two, her longing wasn't about a lack of purpose or responsibility. Instead, she says, "It was the challenges and rewards that come along with a career."

Her resolve was to create her own home-based business.

In April of 2007, she joined forces with friend and practicing psychotherapist, Jade Dearing. Together, the two women founded Spray 'de Sole, a company that specializes in mobile, custom spray tanning. While the idea of a mobile spray tan is not original to Spray 'de Sole, the women claim that the custom service they provide is only a small portion of what sets them apart from the rest.

One major difference is their organic and environmentally friendly tanning solution. Developed especially for Spray 'de Sole, it is made entirely of DHA, a simple carbohydrate and derivative of sugar cane and sugar beets. The solution doesn't stain clothes and is completely hypoallergenic. According to Dearing, "Unlike the normal harsh odor, our spray tan makes the room smell like oatmeal cookies!"

Aside from it being "the most real-looking tan on the market", the women claim the success of their business can be attributed to the personal service they provide. "Our customers not only allow us into their homes, they're getting undressed for us," asserts Feller. These two factors are what compel the women to create a comfortable and non-threatening atmosphere for their clients, many of whom become their friends.

While their service is affordable, especially when you compare it to the cost of a salon spray tan, Spray 'de Sole has gained the praises of many celebrities. Monique Lhuillier, Alyssa Milano, Denise Richards, Jolie Fisher, Rachel Griffiths and Reba McIntyre are just a few Hollywood celebs utilizing their service.

How it works
Feller and Dearing say that the best results are achieved when the client showers and exfoliates their skin prior to their arrival. They also suggest forgoing the use of any creams, moisturizers and deodorants before treatment. They do, however, recommend the use of their organic pre-tanning primer, which helps to keep the skin hydrated.

Upon arriving at a client's home, the women seek out a four-by-four foot area of floor space and an electric outlet. From there, prep time takes less than three minutes and set up includes nothing more than a mat, a tent, a portable compressor and a spray gun.

When the client is ready they enter the tent and spray tanning commences. The procedure itself takes between 15 and 20 minutes. While a client can put on their clothes immediately following a treatment, Feller and Dearing suggest not bathing for at least eight hours.

The women break down the equipment in the same amount of time it took to set up and then they're out the door. The result of their efforts, they say, is a client who not only looks great, but feels like a brand new person. The women claim that with proper moisturizing, you can expect a Spray 'de Sole tan to last anywhere from 10 days to 2 weeks.

More than a spray tan
When we originally decided to bring you this story, we had no idea that Spray 'de Sole was about more than just spray tanning. But, after learning of Feller and Dearing's other endeavors, we felt compelled to share.

From the beginning of their journey as business owners, the women not only committed themselves to success, but also to social consciousness. As a result, Spray 'de Sole avidly supports The Skin Cancer Foundation (, The World Skin Cancer Foundation (, and Para Los Niños (

The first two serve as the appropriate parallel for the company's commitment to a safe and healthy tan. In terms of Para Los Niños, a charity servicing "at risk" youth in the Los Angeles area, the impetus can be traced to Dearing's work with children while she was practicing as a psychotherapist. To get more information about these organizations, or to contribute to these worthy causes, please visit their websites.

In addition to their philanthropy, Feller and Dearing have found a way to share the brand they've created. They are currently in the process of taking Spray 'de Sole nationwide, licensing the rights to their products, techniques and operations to aspiring business owners. Targeting moms looking to create a career for themselves, the women claim the main criteria for joining their team will be the integrity of the applicant. "Integrity and personal service is what our company is all about," Dearing adds.

Speaking of joining the team, Feller and Dearing have recently added a third partner to their company. Nelly Bulkin, a San Diego resident and stay-at-home mom, is now in charge of product development for Spray 'de Sole. With several products already available online, the three women have proudly announced a signature line of skin products, due for release in March of 2009.

The new product line was created especially for Spray 'de Sole and designed to enhance the beauty and length of a tan, as well as accentuate the natural shimmer of the skin. The line will also feature Spray 'de Sole's new signature scent, which according to the women, "smells like the Santa Monica mountains on a beautiful and warm summer day."

So, here's to a fast and safe tan in the middle of winter, and the notion that it is possible to create a successful home-based business, without losing sight of family or community. Way to go, ladies!

To make an appointment for a treatment, purchase the company's skin products, or to contact the women regarding business opportunities in your area, simply log on to

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