YOU Magazine - May 2006 - CAT Scans Non-Invasive Life-Saver or Risky Business?
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CAT Scans
Non-Invasive Life-Saver or Risky Business?

CAT Scans - Non-Invasive Life-Saver or Risky Business?

Obtain more information regarding CAT scan procedures

Learn the U.S. Government's position on this subject

Locate a CAT scan clinic near you

The term CAT or CT scan has been around for a while, but how many of us actually know what it is or how itís used? In laymenís terms, a CAT scan is a special X-ray procedure that is used to detect abnormalities within the tissues and organs of the body.

Lately, some medical companies have advertised CAT scans as a way for seemingly well individuals to get the ultimate second opinion regarding their overall health.

Utilizing the CAT scan as an elective, rather than a necessary, diagnostic procedure is not without its critics. YOU magazine sent Paul Suchecki to cover this story Ė and uncover the truth about CAT scans.

We hope that youíve found this information interesting and educational. At YOU Magazine, we believe that information is the key to success in all areas of your life. Hereís to your health!

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