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Caution: Children Swimming
Protecting Your Family from Summer Tragedy

If you are a parent or know anyone who has children, we ask that you please read this story. This request is not an attempt at sensationalism or the melodramatic. The truth is that by reading and forwarding this article, you may just save a life and, at the same time, spare countless people from the pain one family nearly experienced.
   Caution: Children Swimming - Protecting Your Family from Summer Tragedy
The Lifelong Benefits of Exercise
Everyone likes to look attractive, especially during the summer months when bathing suits abound. While many individuals begin working out primarily for aesthetic reasons, it’s important to keep in mind that a dedication to exercise can also offer lifelong health benefits. Exercise consists of three forms.
   The Lifelong Benefits of Exercise
The Truth About PMI
P...M...I... Three letters which become very important for anybody looking to buy or refinance a home. An acronym for private mortgage insurance, PMI is needed whenever you have less than 20% equity or cash down payment for a new first mortgage. Ask anyone you know about it, and they’ll most likely advise you to avoid PMI at all costs. This is often referred to as common financial wisdom. What you’re about to learn, however, is that common wisdom isn’t always common, or correct. In some cases, choosing a mortgage with PMI actually makes sense.
   The Truth About PMI
Life Insurance: Protection with Benefits
Buying life insurance is rather like buckling your seat belt. No one plans on getting into an accident when they drive, but most people choose to be prepared in case it happens. Despite the analogy, this article is not meant to scare you into buying life insurance, or buckling your seatbelt for that matter. Rather, it’s meant to illustrate how protecting your family’s future can be a sound decision which also benefits you.
   Life Insurance: Protection with Benefits
Building the Perfect Kitchen
Part III: Gadgets and Utensils
By Kirk Leins

We’re ready to begin the third leg of our journey towards building the perfect kitchen! I truly hope it’s been as fun for you as it has been for me. So far, we have covered knives, cutting boards, pots and pans. Our “virtual kitchen” is really starting to take shape. For this installment, I’ve decided to address an area of cooking equipment that most people have very little knowledge about.
   Building the Perfect Kitchen - Part III: Gadgets and Utensils - By Kirk Leins
Discover the Newest Trends in Home Flooring
If you’re moving into a new house or just want to change the look of your current living space, a good place to begin is with your floors. The reason is simple. There are many new flooring options available, enabling homeowners to pick and choose the right surface to best suit their needs and desires. YOU Magazine recently spoke with Richard Cohen, President of Custom Flooring, Inc., to learn about the latest in flooring trends.
   Discover the Newest Trends in Home Flooring
Leadership: It’s a Learned Skill
“You got a gift, Roy. But it's not enough. You gotta develop yourself. Rely too much on your own gift and you'll fail.” It’s not only a line from the movie, The Natural, it’s also the way Cleve Adams views leadership. Adams, head coach for Maximum Acceleration, a mentoring program for mortgage professionals, says no matter what gifts a person is born with they still have to learn how to be a leader.
   Leadership: It’s a Learned Skill

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