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Dear Dad
12 Unique Gift Ideas for Father's Day

Dear Dad12 Unique Gift Ideas for Father's Day

Last month, we shared eight last-minute Mother's Day ideas in honor of moms everywhere. With Father's Day on Sunday, June 19th, this month it's dad's turn. And since dads aren't always the easiest people to buy for, the million dollar question is: Have you figured out what you're going to get him?

No one wants to get his or her dad a generic Father's Day gift like a tie or a bottle of cologne. On the other hand, ask your dad what he wants or needs and he'll probably say something like, "I already have everything." That being the case, the following ideas are meant to stir your creative juices, as most can be adapted to your father's personal likes and tastes. And don't worry. You still have plenty of time pull them off.

A day at the ballpark

If your dad is a baseball fan, then this gift is an absolute home run (pun intended). Tickets to a game are always a winner, but accompanying him to the game is a day that your dad will never forget. Remember, the game doesn't have to be played on Father's Day. Tickets can be for a game several weeks down the road. The point is to attend a baseball game, or any other sporting event, together.

A car wash

Almost every dad loves a clean car. If your budget is a little tight, wash and wax Dad's car yourself. If time is an issue but money isn't, consider paying for a mobile detail service.

A new barbecue

Is your dad the grill master of the family? If so, you may want to consider upgrading his equipment. Nowadays, great barbecues can be purchased anywhere from stores dedicated to grilling to establishments like Home Depot. While an upgraded grill may be a pricey gift, it's perfect for sharing the cost with siblings. And if your dad already has a great barbecue, you may want to look into something like a smoker or grilling tools.

A digital picture frame

If your dad still has a framed photo of you graduating from high school, and you're currently married with children of your own, then perhaps a digital picture frame would be the perfect gift this Father's Day. Load it up with pictures of the family, and Dad will have a high-tech way to look at his loved ones.

Anything golf

If your dad is a golfer, you almost can't go wrong by purchasing a golf-related gift of any kind. The options are not only endless, but they run the gamut in terms of price. The expensive side would be a new club or clubs, or even a round of golf at a championship course. The cheaper end of the spectrum would include various pieces of golf equipment, a one-day golf lesson, or a subscription to Golf Digest magazine.

A day of beauty

A professional shave and a great haircut are gifts that'll make your dad look and feel great. Besides, professional shaves are somewhat in fashion right now. While you're at it, why not throw in a professional massage? If he's never had one, he doesn't know what he's missing.

A reunion

Does Dad have family or friends he hasn't seen in a while? Why not arrange some type of reunion? Of course, every situation will be different, so only you know what is feasible. It's also an appropriate gift for soliciting either financial or logistical help from siblings and other family members.

Clean out the garage

If your dad loves to spend time in the garage, then chances are he'll love a garage that's clean and organized. See if you can get Dad out of the house for the day to make this happen. It's an inexpensive way to show how much you love him.

Gone fishin'

No matter if it's his hobby or not, there's nothing quite like spending the day fishing with Dad. Depending on the type of fishing you do, worthy equipment can either be rented or purchased rather inexpensively. So, whether you decide to charter a fishing boat or sit by the lake, it's sure to be a Norman Rockwell moment.

Gift-of-the-month club

A simple Google™ search will turn up a plethora of gift-of-the-month clubs. Find one that suits your dad, and Father's Day can come once a month, 12 times a year.

A night on the town

When was the last time Dad and Mom had a great night out? Dinner, tickets to a movie or a concert and a hotel room would be a great place to start. You could step it up a notch and give them a weekend vacation. The best part about this gift is that Mom gets to enjoy it, too.

A digital camera

This is a great gift for Dad, especially if grandchildren are in the picture. There are countless models on the market, available in a wide range of prices. If photography wasn't a hobby for him, it may just become one.

We hope this helps. However, it's important to remember something that may sound a bit contradictory to what we said at the beginning of this article. While it may seem like fathers are hard to buy for, they're actually quite easy. The reason is that with Dad, it's never about the present you buy him. It's the fact that you thought of him in the first place.

Happy Father's Day!

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