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Breaking Out
Getting Back the MOJO!

Breaking OutGetting Back the MOJO!

When a successful baseball hitter goes on a 3-30 hitting streak or a winning basketball team suddenly loses seven of its last nine games, what we are witnessing is a slump. As painful as it is to watch as a fan, when the equivalent happens in your personal life, the pain is real. The real question, though, is what can you do to get out of it?

If your slump involves playing a sport, any good coach will always take the person back to the basics. If you are a hitter, then your coach will evaluate your swing. What bad habits might you have picked up that now result in ground balls, strikeouts and fly balls? By focusing on what made the person a successful hitter in the beginning and correcting those mistakes, a great hitter will soon regain his or her form.

What if the person in the slump is not an athlete though? What if the slump a person is in can't be measured by common denominators like we see in sports? What if, well, someone is just stuck in a, shall we say, "funk?"

We have all seen it, perhaps even experienced it ourselves. The high flyer with the mojo someone had previously is gone. In its place is someone that is struggling, anxiety ridden, perhaps short tempered, and just plain stressed. The unfortunate part is when someone has the latter issues, family and work related problems also typically exist and no one benefits. The question is, "How do you get out of–or how do you help someone out of–a personal slump?"

For the answer to this problem, YOU Magazine turned to renowned author and business expert Tim Sanders, author of the new best seller, Today We Are Rich: Harnessing the Power of Total Confidence.

Going from "In a Rut" to "Getting Back Your Strut"
When people are at the top of their game, one element remains constant in all people: complete self-confidence in the ability to get the job done. The opposite is also true when people fall into a slump; self-confidence is replaced by self-doubt.

Tim Sanders personally experienced falling into a slump, several times. One year-long slump resulted in a situation that nearly cost him his life after his father was murdered. Realizing that something needed to be done for the safety and concern of him and his family, Sanders turned to the time tested wisdom of his grandmother, Billye.

What followed the time Sanders spent with Billye was nothing short of spectacular. In less than four years, Sanders worked his way to Chief Solutions Officer at Yahoo!

Lifestyle Principles to Turn Your Life Around
Sanders outlines seven principles in Today We Are Rich that not only turned his life around–twice–but also countless others with whom he has worked and coached.

The first thing someone needs to do is consider their diet. Not the diet consumed from the table but the diet consumed by the brain. When looking to eat healthy, "junk food" is off the list. Just in the same manner as a diet, it's time to feed your mind good stuff. Eliminate anything and everything that carries a negative connotation. This includes TV reality shows, gossip, typical network news and even whiny negative friends.

When you toss out the bad stuff, be sure to replace it with reading good books. The types of books you want to focus on are from four categories: Inspirational, Instructional, Historical or Reference, and Future Trends.

People also need to consciously evaluate who they associate with on both a personal and business level. The conversations that people engage in can have a long lasting impact well after they are done. If you can't eliminate some people from your life, minimize the contact and types of contact with those people.

Are You Talking to Yourself?
Just as you talk with others, you also talk to yourself. What you say to yourself is as important as what others say to you. When you find yourself faced with a problem, Sanders says the best thing you can do is face the issue head on. Evaluate what the worst thing is that can happen. Accept that as a survivable outcome and then work to avoid it.

Finally, many people have situations and things they regret, and they wish they could have a "do-over." The reality is, though, that too often that just doesn't happen. The other reality is, once it's done, get over it. Sanders compares this to a key productivity tool: When dealing with paperwork, never touch it twice. The same can be said for internal chatter. Deal with the negative once, put it to bed, and get on to better things.

What Now?
For many people, recognizing that they aren't the same person today that they once were is not difficult. It's finding the path needed that brings meaningful results and change to their life that is hard. Monitoring and filtering one's personal information and conversation exchange is a great starting point.

Sanders also emphasizes that taking the time to be appreciative for what and who you have, giving of yourself, proper planning, balancing your confidence and the importance of honoring a promise all coordinate to not only ignite your self-confidence, but the confidence of others in you.

If you or anyone you know is currently in need of recapturing their mojo, following the principles listed in this article can put you on the path to a better personal reality. If you would like to learn more about Today We Are Rich, Sanders is offering a free e-book that offers a plan to bolster anyone's self confidence. Today We Are Rich can also be ordered from Amazon.

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