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HARP 2.0 Is In Full Swing
See if You Can Benefit

These days, the word harp stands for more than just a beautiful musical instrument. In the home loan arena HARP 2.0 stands for the Home Affordable Refinance Program. But what is HARP 2.0 exactly and-most important of all-can you benefit? Read on for details.
   HARP 2.0 Is In Full SwingSee if You Can Benefit
Father's Day Chili
It Sure Beats Giving Him an Ugly Tie

In last month's Mother's Day article, I shared some great recipes for creating a Mother's Day spa lunch. This month, it's Dad's turn. If you are at all worried about what to do for your dad on Sunday, June 17th, fret not. He's probably easy to please, especially when you keep in mind the 3 C's-couch, cold drink, and chili!
   Father's Day ChiliIt Sure Beats Giving Him an Ugly Tie
A Site That Tells You Whether to Buy Now or Wait analyzes prices on electronics and appliances to predict whether they'll rise or fall in the future.
By Cameron Huddleston,

If you're going to spend big bucks on a TV, tech gadget or appliance, it pays to do research to find the best price. Deal and price-comparison sites can help you find the lowest price at the moment. But wouldn't it be nice to know whether the price is going to drop in the coming weeks or months? In other words, should you buy now or wait?
   A Site That Tells You Whether to Buy Now or analyzes prices on electronics and appliances to predict whether they'll rise or fall in the future.By Cameron Huddleston,
Setting Goals
And Reaching Them

Achieving your dreams and creating the future you want always begins with one important first step: a goal. Whether you're looking to help your child set goals so she achieves academically or you have your own financial or self-improvement goals, there IS a science to setting-and meeting-them.
   Setting GoalsAnd Reaching Them
Have More Money
Without Changing Your Family's Lifestyle

Short of winning the lottery or landing a Wall Street-sized bonus, can you end up with more money every month (to save or to spend) without giving up the small luxuries that make your family's life so much more enjoyable?
   Have More MoneyWithout Changing Your Family's Lifestyle
Sleep Deprivation
And Its Effects

Keep your auto insurance paid up. According to the Centers for Disease Control, nearly one out of every 20 drivers reported unintentionally falling asleep while driving in a recent month.
   Sleep DeprivationAnd Its Effects

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