YOU Magazine - December 2012 - Too Much of a Good Thing, Part 3 Over-Eating: What's Your Reindeer Type?
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Too Much of a Good Thing, Part 3
Over-Eating: What's Your Reindeer Type?

Too Much of a  Good Thing, Part 3 - Over-Eating: What's Your Reindeer Type?

While we all know about tips for not gaining weight, be it during the holidays or otherwise, sticking to these tips is what counts. Back by popular demand is the third installment in our Too Much of a Good Thing series. This time we're talking about how to minimize–or eliminate–the seemingly unavoidable holiday weight gain.

The federal government estimates average American adults gain between one to two pounds of body fat during the holidays–those of us who are already overweight can add as much as an extra five pounds. And compounding the problem: people don't always lose the weight before the next holiday season comes calling. So, how can you fully participate in the festivities...without becoming part of that statistic? Read on to discover your "Reindeer Type" and some tips that can help.

"Now Tantalized! Now Tempted!"
If you're easily tempted to overeat the wrong things at parties, holiday meals, or even the office lounge, then your motto is: "Be Prepared!" One sure-fire way to avoid eating too much of the wrong thing is eating a larger portion of fruits or vegetables either as an appetizer or as your first serving of the meal, rather than deny yourself completely. If you have trouble resisting office goodies, try keeping a few apples, carrot sticks or nuts on hand and indulge in a sweet after you've had a few healthy bites.

"Now Sitter! Now Lounger!"
If you're too sedentary there's no need to join a fitness boot camp (or get anywhere near a gym for that matter). Keeping off holiday pounds won't take much more effort than a brisk walk each day. Doctors recommend around four miles, but if you can't do four, there's nothing wrong with working your way up. And if you can't exercise every day, then do what you can. According to the Mayo Clinic, regular walking reduces the risk of heart attack by the same amount as more vigorous exercise, such as jogging and weight lifting. If managing your weight wasn't a great enough benefit, regular walking can also lower bad cholesterol, elevate good cholesterol, normalize blood pressure, and can even put you in a better mood! 

"On Baker! On Binger!"
If you love sweets, the advice above can help you with cravings in public situations, but sweet-lovers usually enjoy keeping guilty pleasures close at hand–a candy dish in the living room, fresh cookies in the kitchen. The next best thing to removing the stash from reach (out of your house) is to put them in the freezer. When you want a treat, take it out, let it thaw, and enjoy! This trick can help you from feeling denied while still maintaining healthy habits.

"On Drinker! On Schlitzen!"
One sneaky way to consume too many extra calories is by drinking them. Soft-drinks, alcohol, cider, egg-nog, mugs of hot-chocolate and whipped cream all add up to a bigger bottom-line. But being aware of these calories goes a long way to reducing the need for them. As a substitute, try drinking nothing but water (which also has some great side-benefits) or if you like to have flavor you can substitute coffee, tea, or reduced calorie beverages. 

Of course, it's much easier to lose weight if you're accountable to someone, so consider asking a buddy to help. And there are more ways to reward good behavior that don't cost any calories at all–a trip to a fun destination, a new gadget, a trip to a spa–the list is endless. With just a little planning you can keep the holiday pounds away, enjoy the merriment without frustration, and ease into a happy and healthy new year–no resolutions required!

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