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Deck the Halls with Fresh Ideas
Easy and Unique Holiday Decor

Deck the Halls with Fresh Ideas - Easy and Unique Holiday Decor

Are you tired of reusing the same holiday decorations year after year? Are you on the prowl for new and unique ideas that won't break your budget? Here's an impressive list of fun and unusual decorating ideas that are both easy to pull off and guaranteed to add a little something extra to your holiday memories.

Jar to the World
Oversize apothecary jars come in all shapes and sizes. In fact, any clear glass vessel is perfect for displaying collections of eye-catching baubles. For a colorful display–and no electricity required–fill one with old-fashioned incandescent light bulbs. Try another with spools of holiday ribbon and peppermint sticks, tree ornaments, or even cranberries topped with fresh daisies. Jars with lids can even be topped with artificial snow for a cool effect. If it's Hanukkah you're celebrating, fill a jar with inexpensive dreidels sprayed with metallic paint that will reflect light from the menorah, and top the jar with white hydrangea.

Wreath Remix
Nothing welcomes guests into your home quite like a holiday wreath and adding your personal touch couldn't be easier. Make five or six small bunches of boxwood clippings by wrapping green florist's wire around the ends, then overlap them around a circular wreath base with more wire. Visit for more detailed instructions. Add a uniquely memorable scent by accenting with smaller bunches of favorite herbs. For a bold approach, try only herbs–oregano, sage, bay leaves, and rosemary will create a delightfully aromatic entrance. For colorful accents add tallow berries, rose hips, pepper berries, sweet gum seedpods, poppy seedpods, love-in-a-mist pods, or dried celosia.

Gelt Garland
For Hanukkah, create a sensational display on your mantel with plastic coins and ribbon. Measure the width of your mantel with the ribbon, allowing extra slack so it hangs loosely in a few tiered layers (four looks about right). Then glue two coins back to back onto each ribbon 3 or 4 inches apart. Tie the ends of the ribbon together and fasten to each side of the mantel with thumbtacks.

Merry Thesaurus!
If your Scrabble® game is collecting dust in the closet, you can use the trays and tiles to spell out your holiday greetings, or use them as place cards for a holiday gathering. Paint the trays in festive colors to give some pop to the tiles. If you don't want to chance ruining your set, sells replacement tiles and trays you can use exclusively for decorating.

Odds, Ends, and Pineapple Stems
Dress up inexpensive store-bought stockings by adding beads, ribbon trimmings, rickrack, even strings of berries. Lit candles put even the biggest Scrooge in a holiday mood. Add garlands of tree clippings around entire doorways to welcome guests to your dining experience. Place a pineapple on the mantle recalling an early-American tradition symbolizing hospitality. Glass vases filled with artificial snow make a great centerpiece. If you have too little room on the dining table, however, here's an idea for the brave: Suspend a bare tree-branch from the ceiling above the table using eye hooks and fishing wire, then hang ornaments of various shapes and sizes from the branch.

Nearly all these ideas can be accomplished inexpensively with a trip to your local craft or discount home goods store. But keep your eyes peeled and ask around, you're sure to come up with even better ideas of your own!

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