YOU Magazine - February 2020 - Streamline Communication Using Texting Apps on Your Computer
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Streamline Communication Using Texting Apps on Your Computer

Streamline Communication Using Texting Apps on Your Computer

Messaging is a great way to stay in touch with clients, customers, and co-workers. It's fast, easy, and helps to streamline communication. While most of us text using our Apple iPhone or Android phone, consider using the new messaging software that works with your computer or laptop, making messaging even more efficient. Let's look at Apple's iMessage software and Android's rich communication system (RCS) messaging protocols and both of their benefits.

Apple's iMessage. There is a difference between Messages and iMessage. If you have an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, Messages is the default texting app for iOS (Apple's operating system). This free app allows you to send texts, photos, emojis, and basic things you would normally text to someone. When you use Messages, you're using the text messaging plan that you purchased through your carrier.

iMessage works with Wi-Fi, which uses data to send messages and is separate from your carrier's texting plan. iMessage already exists within the Messages app on your phone, but on your computer you can use your computer's keyboard to type messages. Because iMessage uses Wi-Fi, you're able to send large amounts of data such as videos, large PDF files, and documents. In addition, if you have good internet speed, the files get sent quickly.

Note that iMessage only works with Apple-specific products, while Messages works with Apple and Android phones.

Android's RCS. Google recently rolled out a similar app to iMessage for Android phone users. This app is different from Samsung's Messages app, so you'll need to download the new RCS app. The RCS app also uses Wi-Fi to send data, and you'll have the ability to send full-resolution photos, large PDF files, videos, and documents. As with iMessage, RCS only works between Android phones, although that may change in the future.

Make communication easier and more efficient using Apple's iMessage or Android's RCS systems.

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