YOU Magazine - October 2016 - Mail Call for Mealtime
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Mail Call for Mealtime

Mail Call for Mealtime

For busy families, taking the time to plan meals and buy groceries are two of the biggest challenges keeping them from cooking at home. One consequence of this is eating too much fast food or takeout, which can lead to poor nutrition and out-of-balance nutritional habits.

Take the hassle out of home-cooked eating with prepacked meal kits or meal subscription services that deliver fresh ingredients and new recipes direct to your door each week.

Here's a brief look at a few of these services, how they work, and how much they cost:

Blue Apron offers a two-person plan that contains three meals each week or a more customizable family plan for two or four meals per week. Both plans contain fresh, seasonal ingredients and allow you to tailor recipes to dietary preferences, including choice of protein and vegetarian options. Check the site for delivery areas and upcoming menu options. 2-person plan: $9.99 per serving. Family plan: $8.74 per serving.*

HelloFresh lets you choose classic or vegetarian options for three meals per week for either two or four people (you can choose three, four or five meals per week for the two-person classic option). Child-friendly recipes are also available in the Family Plan. HelloFresh delivers anywhere in the continental U.S. Check the site for upcoming menu options. Classic box: From $9.90 per meal. Veggie box: From $9.08 per meal. Family box: From $8.75 per meal.*

Plated allows you to choose the number of meals you receive each week from a list of nine tasty dinner dishes that are made from antibiotic-free and sustainably-sourced proteins. Plus, there are two dessert options each week. Check the site for delivery areas and upcoming menu options. All plans: $12 per serving.*

PeachDish focuses on Southern cuisine. The standard PeachDish box comes with two servings of two meals per week, though subscribers can add up to 12 servings per dish. Check site for delivery areas and upcoming menu options. 2-serving plan: $12.50 per serving. 4-serving plan: $11.25 per serving.*

Now all that's left to do is prepare, cook and serve ... and clean up the dishes, of course!

*Prices available at time of writing.
Sources: Lifehacker, Kitchn

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